Smile Brightening (Fluoride-Free)

Whiter, Brighter Smiles with Venus White.

Your teeth get darker as you age. Many habits can stain them – drinking coffee, tea, cola or red wine; smoking or other tobacco use. Fortunately, the damage can be reversed, safely and effectively.

The best method yet? The Venus White Chairside System.

Venus White is fluoride-free and biocompatible. It uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that breaks down once applied to the teeth, letting oxygen enter the enamel and dentin. This bleaches stains within the dentinal tubules (pores) of the teeth while leaving the tooth structure unchanged.

And unlike other chairside tooth whitening systems, no bright light is needed. This means less sensitivity for you following treatment.

The whole process takes about an hour. And by following the simple post-care instructions, your teeth will always be whiter than before. Flossing, brushing twice daily and occasional touch-ups will help your teeth keep looking their brightest.

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