Safe Mercury Removal

Mercury-free and Mercury-safe (Yes, There’s a Difference!)

Dr. Solis practices mercury-free dentistry. This means she does not use mercury amalgam for "silver" fillings but nontoxic, biocompatible materials such as BPA-free composites (tooth-colored filling material). But more than that, she practices mercury-safe dentistry. As a mercury-safe dentist, Dr. Solis takes extra precautions to protect the health of the dental team, patients and environment. For while mainstream dentists believe there are conditions in which this neurotoxin is benign – such as when it’s packed into a drilled-out tooth – the mercury-safe dentist knows that any mercury exposure is potentially harmful. 
The safe removal protocol has been formalized and adopted by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) as the standard of care. We follow these guidelines with every patient who turns to LA Holistic Dentistry for mercury removal. 

Additionally, we always use a rubber dam with suction. The patient will breath in oxygen during the procedure while Dr. Solis and assistant each have their own half face respirator mask (with mercury rated filter cartridges). We keep a vacuum next to the patient and use a whole-room purification system to keep the air clean. 
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