Membership Program

Are you one of the million Americans who lack dental coverage? Our membership program offers a complete solution. Our membership program is not insurance. It is a loyalty plan that provides its members discounted fees for dental services. It can be used alone or with insurance. There are no annual maximums, no deductibles, no waiting periods and no claim forms. 

In addition, members receive 15% off all retail products. We even offer a discount of $50 for each additional family member who joins!

Available Plans

The Basic Plan

  • 2 basic cleanings
  • 2 comprehensive exams
  • Full mouth x-rays

Plan value: Over $605
Member price: $450 (you save $145)

The Perio Plan

  • 3 periodontal maintenance cleanings
  • 3 comprehensive exams
  • Full mouth x-rays
  • Laser Bacterial Reduction therapy

Plan value: Over $1050
Member price: $650 (you save $400)

Exclusions & Limitations
Plans run on a 12 month period from enrollment date.
Full mouth x-rays are limited to once every 24 months or as needed.
Services performed by a non-LA Holistic Dentistry provider are not covered.