Laser Therapy

Laser Gum Surgery 

This is a minimally invasive technique, which is very precise and has a more comfortable, faster healing time than traditional gum surgery. Laser surgery has many benefits. In addition to removing the diseased tissue with exacting accuracy, it also kills bacteria to detoxify the area. The laser technique is used in scaling and root planing, which removes tartar and plaque from the tooth root surface, below the gum line. It effectively smooths the surface, making plaque less likely to accumulate.  

Pocket reduction 

Gum disease causes destruction of gum and bone tissue around the teeth. Over time, a pocket develops, which allows bacteria to accumulate far below the gum line. This is virtually impossible to clean by brushing and flossing. Laser treatment is a gentle and conservative way to revitalize tissue, eliminating infection and stimulating healing of the pockets. This technique is sometimes referred to as nonsurgical gum disease treatment.  

Esthetic gum recontouring 

One of the most common cosmetic complaints is a gummy smile. It may seem as if the teeth are too short, but this is usually caused by excess gum tissue. When too much tissue covers part of the teeth, the esthetic balance of the smile is upset. This can be corrected with a minimally invasive laser surgery, which not only removes the excess tissue but also sculpts the gum line to create a symmetrical and attractive shape. In many cases, the hard bone or tooth tissue needs to be sculpted as well. Thanks to laser technology, this can be done without the use of scalpels. Crown lengthening or gum recontouring may also be used in conjunction with restorations or implant therapies.

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